The Club House

The Club House





Our 5 Star hygene rated kitchen offers a range of food and drinks, manned by Natasha and Aarons mum the kitchen offers the perfect way to fill up before you go and shoot on our various layouts.



Hot Food

Soup & bread roll £1.00

Bacon roll £2.00

Egg roll £2.00

Egg & bacon roll £2.50

Toast £1.00

Beans on toast £2.00

Toasties £1.50

Cheese burger £2.00

Hot dog £2.00

Chips £1.50

Chips and Cheese £2.00

Full Breakfast- egg,bacon,beans,toast & tea/coffee £3.00





Cold Food

Selection of Sandwiches £1.50

Crisps 70p

Chocolate bar 70p



Why not come and try a piece of Aarons mums world famous cake all in the name of charity.


All profits go to Lincs down syndrome support group.





Tea/ coffee 50p

Hot chocolate £1.00

Latte/cappuccino £1.00

Fruit tea 50p

Bottle of water 60p

Can of drink £1.00

Milkshake £1.00






Chalk Lane, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, PE12 9YF


T. 01406 351451

M. 07468 069373



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The Priory CTC

Here at the Priory safety is paramount and to ensure the welfare of both shooters and spectators. We have a strict policy to ensure that everyone that is shooting and spectating MUST wear ear and eye protection. If you do not have glasses and ear protection, we have disposable ear plugs and glasses that can be loaned out inside the clubhouse. This is not only for registered competitions but is in place for everyones' safety, at all times.