Welcome to the Priory Clay Target Centre

We are situated near the historic Swing Bridge at Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire on the Lincs, Cambs and Norfolk Border.

The ground historically has been shot on since the war as it was originally RAF Sutton Bridge which was the central gunnery school for the British RAF. Anyone learning to use firearms and planes with weapons on would come to RAF Sutton Bridge to learn and practice live fire.

Ray & David Wing have shot on the land since the 1960’s with Sutton Bridge Gun Club using the ground every other Sunday for small club shoots. Head CPSA coach Mike Williams then took it over and opened it back up as a commercial competition ground which closed in 2009.

New Ground owner Aaron Heading who is a competitive Team England and Great British athlete, had a dream of opening a shooting ground since he was a young boy. When he was approached in September 2015 by the land owners Ray & David Wing, together with his wife Natasha that dream has finally been made possible.

Aaron being a competitive shooter believes he understands what a shooter requires from a shooting ground, and follows through with these ideals for every aspect in shooting at the ground. 

After extensive ground works, bank building and a total overhaul of the 12 acres the shooting ground stands on and with the help of a local plant hire company,  within 7 weeks the shooting ground was able to open Saturday 14th November 2015.

The club house now boasts a 5 star hygene certificate from South Holland District Council.

Aaron, Natasha, John & the team would love to welcome everyone to enjoy the ground throughout the week and busy weekends.